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Found the perfect place
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Who we are?

Company specialized in the development of products or digital solutions, with innovative ideas and in an agile way with a focus on the consumer.

O que a Conexões Infinito faz
How Conexões Infinito do





We explore the reflexive and dialectical potentialities of the concept design creation process, we open spaces to think and discuss the most diverse subjects related to the project with our clients.

  • Consistent project methodology
  • Feel the application experience through mockups
  • Receive projects with concepts approved by you

When it comes to design, there is no doubt that we are the best choice. When creating functional interfaces, with our UI and UX concept you will have:

  • Beautiful and easy to understand user interface, professional animations
  • Find the most creative ideas for your projects
  • Unlimited power and customization possibilities

Process of building and testing specific software for the web, mobile and desktop. We use the most modern technologies on the market, applying the best concepts.

  • POO & Functional programming paradigm
  • Continuous deployment
  • DevOps and Edge computing

Meeting the needs of our customers is a fundamental factor for us. More than winning sales, it is about keeping the customer active in your tool or service, focused on resolving their demands.

  • Multiples support channels
  • CRM integration in applications
  • Service Desk

Our Services

Services We Provide Especially For Your Company

DevOps and SRE - Site Reliability Engineering

Troubleshooting IT Operations, Management and deployment of applications on servers with continuous integration/continuous delivery

Applicação development

We implement cloud-native application development strategies, cross-platform applications: mobile web and desktop

Consulting in Digital Transformation

We provide service that brings the power of a design-led approach to digital process simplification

Conexões Infinito
Conexões Infinito

Stay ahead of the competition.

Don't try to overtake your competitors: choose another route and one that is better. Invest in market intelligence and opt for marketing that gives you results, with us you can achieve these goals and much more.

Conexões Infinito
Conexões Infinito

We are here for you.

For any company to position itself well in the market and work on the customer's perception of its brand, it is essential to have a professional website or mobile application. Branding work, for example, needs to be shown on a platform consistent with the new identity, and the website is part of that. Not to mention digital marketing strategies need a very good and optimized website to generate results.

Karapinha de Algodão
Founder Institute Luanda
Angola IXP

Our Prices

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  • Landing Page
  • SPA
  • Website
Conexões Infinito Basic Pricing


  • E-Commerce
  • PWA & Native App
  • Web Portal
Conexões Infinito Basic Pricing


  • SaaS
  • Mobile App
  • Web System

What our customers say!

The opinion of our customers is very important to us, it is the driving force for us to continue working and improve our services more and more.

It is obvious and natural to be skeptical when approaching or being approached by an organization that has just started its journey in the vast and aggressive world of Technological Entrepreneurship. I overcame this barrier and gave my project to Conexões Infinito for its conception and materialization. I strongly recommend them to anyone to take them into account as an initial integral part during the structuring of your new Businesses or Projects. of the projects carried out speak for themselves.

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Ernesto Alberto

Ernesto Alberto

Local Leader - Founder Institute
Haymee Cogle

Haymee Cogle

Local Leader - Founder Institute
Haymee Cogle

Haymee Cogle

Local Leader - Founder Institute

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